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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 34 - Spring/Summer 2019

Class Papers

AOS 404 final paper, "Investigating Small-Scale Terrain and Meteorological Influences on Atmospheric CO2: AOS 404 Measurements Class Project (Summer, 2019)" [4.4 Mb] , 2019. (Sophie Hoffman, Peter Janssen, James Mineau, Iman Nasif, Juliet Pilewskie, Jess Turner // Desai)

Masters Theses

Dixon, Austin, "Emulated Radar Observations Of Near Updraft Vorticity In a Simulated Tornadic Supercell" [24 Mb], 2019. (Ackerman/Orf)
Massie, Ashtin, "Using information content to determine the sensitivity of AIRS channels to mid-latitude ice clouds in single- and multi-layer regimes" [6.1 Mb], 2019. (L'Ecuyer)
Phillips, Coda, "Aerosol Optical Properties in Seoul Measured Using the UW-Madison HSRL" [2.5 Mb], 2019. (Ackerman)
Shates, Julia, "High-latitude Precipitation: characterizing snowfall regimes and identifying key processes at two distinct Scandinavian sites" [24 Mb], 2019. (L'Ecuyer, Petterson)

Ph.D. Theses

Liu, Huaran, "Bridging the Model-Data gap in Paleoclimatology: Data Assimilation and Noise-Removal for Marine Proxies" [16 Mb], 2019. (Marcott/Meyers - Geoscience)
Odell, Luke, "Investigating the Connections Between Rotating Updrafts and Surface-Based Vorticity with New Thororetical Approach" [81 Mb], 2019. (Tripoli)