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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Welcome Dr. Angela Rowe

July 12, 2019

The Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences is pleased to announce Dr. Angela Rowe will be joining our faculty as an Assistant Professor in January 2020. Dr. Rowe has been employed as a Research Scientist with the University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Department for the past 4 years and as a postdoctoral research for 3 years before that. She received her PhD from Colorado State University in 2011. Her expertise is in the area of cloud scale and mesoscale weather systems and technical aspects of the design and deployment of observation systems that can observe them. In support of her research and researchers world-wide, she is taking leadership roles in the design and conduct of large international field observation programs involving the coordinated use of surface observations, radar, lidar, aircraft and satellite systems, supported by multiple federal agencies. Her location here at UW will be a major addition to the entire AOSS enterprise to the University.

Together, as a Department, we believe this unusually exciting candidate will fill a critical need in microphysics, radar meteorology, and mesoscale weather systems, while presenting the opportunity for students to be engaged in highly visible field campaigns around the globe and with the formulation of our current understanding of the dynamic, thermodynamic and microphysical structures of these weather systems. Her considerable research grants will be transferred to the UW, bring in a large graduate student and professional research staff that will collaborate with Space Sciences and Engineering. The exposure to research tools that she will provide our students will be transformational for the Department.

Moreover, Dr. Rowe is strongly engaged in diversity and outreach, which will benefit women and underrepresented minorities in the University and lead to better recruitment from the K12 community.