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Weekly Weather Event -Week of November 9th

November 13, 2020

As Eta completes its transition into an extratropical low, Tropical Depression 31 has been identified in the southern Caribbean. This storm is expected to develop into Tropical Storm Iota, making it likely the 2020 hurricane season will be seeing its 30th named storm. Conditions are forecasted for Tropical Depression 31 to eventually reach hurricane strength, as it is expected to rapidly intensify as it approaches Central America in the coming days. This is the same region that was impacted by Eta just this past week, where over 120 people died in Central America and southern Mexico due to the flooding. Meteorologists and officials in the area fear that any additional rain could worsen conditions, bringing in more flooding and the potential for landslides.

Tropical Storm Eta, the 29th named storm this year, already broke the 2005 record for most named storms in a season, though 2005 still retains its record for 31 recorded tropical systems (all tropical lows, including ones with less than 39 mph wind speeds). In addition to the impacts this storm had on Central America, the storm brought widespread flooding across Central and South Florida, as well as bringing flooding to the Carolinas and Virginia. In total, six people are reported to have died in the United States from Eta.

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