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Weekly Weather Event -Week of May 31

June 3, 2021

Heat waves have been impacting much of the United States this week, and above average temperatures are expected to be found across the Upper Plains states and into the East Coast into the weekend. Many parts of the Midwest and the Northeast could see their first first 90-degree temperature of the year, with portions of Minnesota and North Dakota approaching 100 degrees. In addition to high daytime temperatures, low temperatures are expected to be in the low to mid-70s. This presents an additional danger to the unseasonably warm high temperatures, as warmer nighttime temperatures reduces the body’s ability to cool down.

According to the National Weather Service office in Milwaukee-Sullivann, heat advisories are issued in Wisconsin when the daytime heat index values are expected to be between 100- and 104-degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, heat advisories are also issued when heat index indices are between 95 to 99 for four consecutive days. Excessive heat warnings are issued when the daytime heat index will be 105-degrees during the day and 75-degrees at night for at least 48 hours. This warning will also be issued if heat advisory conditions are expected for 4 or more consecutive days.