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Weekly Weather Event -Week of July 11

July 15, 2022

Extreme heat has struck many parts of the world this week and continues to be a threat to human health. In Shanghai , residents suffered through a dangerous heat wave that issued its first red alert in 5 years. Temperatures reached 40.8° C (105° F) across southeast China on Monday and even higher at 41.2°C (106° F) on Tuesday. The Chinese Meteorological Administration placed 86 cities under red alerts. In addition to recent flooding , the extremely high temperatures have caused multiple deaths and hospitalizations due to heat stroke.

In Europe, one of the most intense heat waves since 1757 is expected to expand. Spain has reached 41° C (105° F) for nine consecutive days. On Thursday, Portugal’s highest temperature is assumed to have reached 47°C (116.6 F), the highest ever recorded in the month of July. On Friday morning, hundreds of people were evacuated due to wildfires throughout France, Spain and Portugal. Temperatures were expected to reach 40° C (104° F) in some areas with five districts on red alert. In the UK, the Met Office has declared a red heat alert for the first time ever. The warning is placed for Monday and Tuesday where London and Manchester are expecting to reach 40° C (104° F) as well.

Red alerts are issued when temperatures are expected to reach 40°C (104° F). At these temperatures, the severity of heat can cause serious illness or danger to life. Residents take cover by staying in raid shelters underground or places with air conditioning. Officials warn people to be mindful of extreme heat and wildfires as it directly impacts their health, especially during a time facing COVID-19 challenges.