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Weekly Weather Event -Week of January 3rd

January 7, 2022

Winter storms have been hitting the United States in full force this week, bringing heavy snow across Kentucky and Virgina, slowing traffic to a crawl and stalling out passenger trains. This same storm is bringing heavy snow to the Northeast Friday and this Saturday, bringing more than 60 million people under winter weather alerts. Many cities are expected to see between 3 and 6 inches of snow, and Boston may see as much as a foot. In preparation for the storm, several cities have canceled school for the day or asked non-emergency government officials to remain home.

Alongside these winter storms, temperatures are expected to drop as cold Arctic air moves into the Upper Great Plains, the Midwest, and the Northeast. Some places will see a 10-20 *F drop in temperatures between Saturday and Monday. This along with windy conditions will make for potentially dangerous wind chill environments.

During especially cold air outbreaks, it is important to limit time outdoors. Wear layers and reduce the amount of skin exposed to the air if you must travel outside.