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Weekly Weather Event -Week of February 7

February 11, 2022

A heatwave is impacting California’s Bay Area, bringing unseasonably hot weather to an area already impacted by drought. Santa Ana winds brought temperatures 15-20 degrees above normal, breaking daily records throughout southern California. These warm temperatures have also brought a greater risk of fires, and February 10th saw multiple wildfires in the Los Angeles suburbs fueled by the warm temperatures and strong, gusting winds. This warmer weather is expected to persist throughout the weekend, and the Super Bowl could tie or exceed its record for warmest championship.

Due to the unseasonably warm temperatures, the National Weather Service in Los Angeles released its first ever heat advisory for the month of February. While this region of the United States regularly sees 80–90-degree weather in the summer, unseasonably warm temperatures can prove dangerous. Human bodies acclimate to climatic conditions, and large shifts in temperature can result in a higher risk of dehydration and heat stress.