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Weekly Weather Event -Week of February 14

February 18, 2022

Storm Eunice brought high winds and life-threatening conditions to Britain and Ireland, tearing down rooftops and trees with record-breaking winds. Wind gusts of up to 122 miles per hour were reported, marking the strongest gusts recorded in England. Airplanes were buffed by the strong winds, and pilots were forced to abandon landings at some airports. Over 400 flights were canceled, along with train and ferry service. Tens of thousands of people lost power, and at least three deaths have been reported.

The UK Met Office issued a rare “danger-to-life” weather alert for Storm Eunice, and meteorologists in Britain expect this storm to be the worst in 30 years. Officials have urged people not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary, and schools were cancelled all throughout the western and southern coasts of Britain.

We recommend keeping up to date as this event continues to unfold.