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Weekly Weather Event -Week of August 8

August 12, 2022

This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have released their Climate Report for July 2022. This past month saw many weather extremes such as drought and extreme flooding. The U.S. saw its third-hottest July on record in history with an average temperature of 76.4 F which is 2.8 degrees above average. In the month of July, a stalled weather system combined with tropical moisture resulted in catastrophic flooding around St. Louis with up to 12.34 inches. Kentucky also saw the most extreme consequences of flash flooding and resulted in at least 37 fatalities.

Additionally, NOAA predicts more high tide flooding events over the next year. Due to ocean warming and higher atmospheric temperatures, sea level rise is increasing these flooding events. Ocean warming also causes ocean water to expand and glaciers and ice sheets to melt. It is predicted that in the next 12 months, areas of New york City are to have 5-15 days of high tide flooding and the Gulf of Mexico to see 5-20 days. However, the U.S. West Coast, U.S. Pacific Islands and Hawaii should see fewer high tide flooding days due to La NiƱa events cooling ocean temperatures and lessening sea level heights.