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Weekly Weather Event -Week of August 31st

September 4, 2020

Super typhoon Haishen became the first typhoon of the 2020 western Pacific season to reach the ‘super typhoon’ category. As of September 4th, typhoon Haishen had sustained winds of 249 km/h (155 mph), making this storm the equivalent of a Category 4 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. This storm is expected to have major impacts on the Korean Peninsula and in Japan, and Haishen will likely be impacting the same areas on the Korean Peninsula that were hit by Typhoon Maysak just this past week. Officials are urging people to evacuate from the impacted areas as the damage from the previous typhoon likely weakened structures.

If super typhoon Haishen makes landfall on the Korean Peninsula as an equivalent Category 2 storm or stronger, it would only be the 7th storm on record to do so. The 2020 western Pacific tropical storm season has been just as dramatic as its Atlantic counterpart. This year, four typhoons have made landfall on the Korean Peninsula, and Haishen has the possibly to both be the fifth storm to make landfall and break a record for number of landfalls made in one year.

As discussed in our Week of May 18th article, typhoons and hurricanes are different names for the same storm; all that changes between the two is the location.

All of this information is up to date as of posting. We strongly recommend keeping up to date as news changes and more information is made available.