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October Monthly Highlight- Halloween Forecast

October 30, 2019

Happy Halloween, AOS Badgers! Temperatures are quickly dropping, and it is certainly feeling more like winter than fall right about now. Whether you are going to be trick-or-treating with the kids or heading out to a Halloween party tomorrow night, make sure to bundle up and possibly grab your snow-boots. Approximately two inches of snow is forecasted to fall between tonight and tomorrow evening with the skies clearing up in the evening. Tomorrow’s high is going to be 33*F with winds between 10 to 15 miles per hour, so make sure to dress appropriately if you are headed outside.

As Professors Steve Ackerman and Jonathon Martin stated in their weekly ‘Ask the Weather Guys’, large amounts of snowfall in October is relatively rare; only about 1 in 10 Octobers see days with more than 1 inch of snow. Halloween does tend to be a chilly event in Wisconsin, but the chances of snow falling from the sky or already being on the ground are rare in Madison. In that respect, this is going to be a special Halloween indeed!

Madison is not the only metro area in the Midwest that might be combining spooky fun with an early snow. Portions of the Milwaukee and Chicago areas may also see snowfall around or on Halloween, but almost all the Midwest is expected to see below average temperatures. The weather will be little better out east; rain and thunderstorms are predicted for large swaths of the East Coast and the Southeast.

To everyone of you headed out to celebrate: stay dry, stay warm, be sure to check the weather report before heading out (these numbers could very easily change), and be on the lookout for plenty of sweet treats!

-Megan Caldwell