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October 2020 Monthly Highlight- Halloween Forecast

October 30, 2020

Continuing in a tradition I started last year, October’s Monthly Highlight is a Halloween forecast. We at the AOS department encourage safe practices for the weekend, including maintaining protocols to keep everyone healthy and socially distanced (as much as we will all miss the Halloween parties this year).

Unlike last year, which brought an early snowfall to Madison, this year will have almost perfect weather for the season. Clear skies are expected, though it will be a touch on the windy side. Winds will come from the south at 15 to 25 miles per hour, and some stronger gusts are expected. Temperatures are going to reach into the mid-fifties, with a high of 54 F expected sometime in the early afternoon.

As evening sets in, expect some clouds moving in from the west. It will be a chilly night, with temperatures dipping below freezing early Sunday morning, the low temperature dipping down to 29 F. Winds are still expected to be strong throughout the night, so if you are heading out, be sure to factor in the wind chill.

While not specifically weather related, tomorrow marks both a blue moon (a rare second full moon in a month) and the first full moon on Halloween since 2001. In addition, remember that Daylight Savings ends this weekend. Make sure to turn back your clocks!

That’s all for me. Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Halloween!

-Megan Caldwell