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November Monthly Highlight- Special Shoutouts

November 26, 2019

In celebration of the Thanksgiving season, November’s highlight will be featuring a number of shout outs to people in the department for their hard work.

A shout out to graduate student Zoë Brooke Zibton for taking on the teaching duties for AOS 100/101 and for handling such a large class so well.

A shout out to Professor Matt Hitchman and Associate Researcher Shellie Rowe for a newly published paper in the Monthly Weather Review about convective structures in tropical cyclones.

A shout out to Pete Pokrandt for his continued work at keeping all of the computers working and the tech running.

A shout out to Eric Schueffner for helping our AOS undergrads prepare their schedules for the next semester.

A shout out to all our office staff for all the work they do behind the scenes.

A shout out to our AMS student chapter officers for their help in engaging new undergraduate students.

And finally, a large thank you to everyone in the department for your continued work at making this place a safe and welcoming environment to everyone who passes through.

Happy Thanksgiving! Stay warm this weekend and safe travels to everyone who will be on the road!