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May 2021 Highlight- Matthew Hitchman and Shellie Rowe

May 27, 2021

Professor Matthew H. Hitchman and Researcher Shellie M. Rowe have published a new manuscript through the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, On the Formation of Tropopause Folds and Constituent Gradient Enhancement Near Westerly Jets. Using the University of Wisconsin’s Non-hydrostatic Modeling System, dynamic structures were compared with aircraft observations through a fold and subpolar jet during RF04 of the Stratosphere-Troposphere Analyses of Regional Transport. Through this analysis, the research team found that the distribution of water vapor and ozone provides rapid transport in the subpolar jet. In addition, they found that the fold was created by a southward jet streak in the subpolar jet where upper tropospheric air displaced the tropopause eastward, overlaying stratospheric air.

This manuscript is available for Early Online Release with the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences.