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May Monthly Highlight- GSA Teaching Award

May 26, 2020

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) Teaching Award is given yearly to a professor who has done an exceptional job teaching at the graduate level. The GSA has enthusiastically awarded Assistant Professor Elizabeth Maroon as the 2019-2020 recipient for her dedicated and insightful work in teaching Oceanography this past semester. The graduate students nominating her emphasized the high quality of instruction, both prior to and after converting to an online course, which is no easy feat. Students remarked on how Dr. Maroon conducted herself, saying her approachable and relatable character made students who were enrolled in the class, in addition to others, comfortable asking her questions and getting help across a broad spectrum of topics. Within the classroom, she incorporated a variety of effective teaching techniques to supplement traditional lecture slides, such as using python scripts and real data in exercises, as well as integrating polls and small group discussions to assess understanding and promote active learning. Dr. Maroon was able to seamlessly switch to an online platform in response to campus closures and continued to support her students. Dr. Maroon’s ability to anticipate and go over topics where students may have differing expertise levels helped everyone stay refreshed and engaged as she transitioned into new topics that built off those fundamentals.

We’re excited to have Dr. Maroon continue with our department, we know she’ll continue to share her expertise, organization, and dedication to students and the department for years to come.

Congratulations Dr. Maroon!

The AOS Graduate Student Association