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January 2021 Highlight- Weather 100 for High School Students

January 29, 2021

AOS Professors Jonathan Martin, Michael Morgan, and Brad Pierce have developed a new outreach activity for Wisconsin high school students. As part of Professor Martin’s 100-level AOS course, he gives a short weather discussion at the beginning of every class. This year, these weather discussions have been recorded and uploaded to a new webpage in CIMSS’s education section where students from across the state can watch. Students are also encouraged to send in any questions they may have about the current weather on a Google Form found on the page. Graduate students from the department will be regularly posting answers to the webpage, making this an activity that will involve students of all ages.

The discussions are uploaded on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and two have already been posted to the website. These are aimed towards high-school students within the Madison area, but they will be applicable to high-school students throughout the state. It is a great tool for educators to use in the classroom, whether to introduce meteorology to students or supplement current weather and atmospheric science curriculums.

If you know someone who would enjoy learning about science in a fun and accessible way, whether a teacher or individual student, please consider passing along the word.