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December Monthly Highlight- What We've Done This Semester

December 19, 2019

It’s been a busy semester here at the AOS department. For our December Highlight, here’s a small collection of photos showing what everyone’s been up to on our social media sites.

Photo of Pete Pokrandt and Tom Purdy

Late August brought a meetup between Pete Pokrandt and Tom Purdy…on top of the AOSS building!

Photo of a weather balloon launch

Our 330 class got to have a fun lab session where they launched a weather balloon off the roof!

Photo of Brian Butterworth and Jonathan Thom

The CHEESEHEAD campaign is doing well. Just take a look at Brian Butterworth and Jonathan Thom on the water near a flux tower.

Photo of the AMS rooftop party

AMS’s Fall Rooftop Party was a blast this year, and with plenty of pizza to go around too!

Photo of Dan Vimont and Governor Tony Evers

Professor Dan Vimont met with Governor Tony Evers back in October as part of a new initiative to address climate change concerns in Wisconsinl.

Photo of the AOSS building

This year’s Day of Science brought all sorts of people to campus…including some beautiful fall colors!

Photo from the AOSS Trick or Treat day

The yearly AOSS Kids Trick-or-Treat had a great turnout this year…and some awesome costumes from the kids!

Photo of the October 2019 snowstorm

Speaking of Halloween, the scariest thing that happened that day was all the snow we got! Here’s some footage from the rooftop cameras of the record breaking snowstorm.

Photo of 330 students

Another lab from our undergrads, this time using sling psychrometers to measure dry bulb and wet bulb temperatures.

Photo of the Desai Lab at AGU 2019

To round off the year, Professor Ankur Desai’s lab group had their annual dinner this year at AGU 2019.

Thank you all for a wonderful semester, and I wish all of you a wonderful (and well deserved!) winter break. Happy Holidays!

-Megan Caldwell