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University of Wisconsin–Madison

AOS Alumni Recieve NOAA Awards

September 18, 2021

The AOS Department would like to extend our congradulations to UW AOS Alumni Jordan Gerth on reciving the 2021 NOAA Bronze Medal award “for development and implementation of the GOES-17 Advanced Baseline Imager cooling timeline, thereby enabling its sole operation as GOES-West”.

Additionally, we would like to congradulate Tom Black and Marty Hoerling, along with adjunct faculty member Jeff Key, on the NOAA Distinguished Career Award. Tom Black recieved this award “for his 34 years of advances in both weather prediction modeling and computer science, and their application to the weather service mission”, Marty Hoerling recieved this award for “for outstanding contributions to NOAA’s understanding of the causes of climate extremes, and effective communication of this information to the nation,” and Jeff Kay recieved this award “for extraordinary contributions to the field of satellite remote sensing of the polar regions.”

Congradulations to our AOS Alumni!