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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 8 - Fall, 2008

Masters Theses

Bickford, Erica E, "Land-Atmosphere Coupling and Drought Persistence in Observations and Model Simulations of 20th Century and 21st Century Climate Change" [12 Mb] 2008. (DeWeaver)
Franklin, Morgan, "Parameterizing the Marine Silicon Cycle: Effects on Modern Ocean Biogeochemistry," 2008. (Hitchman)
Kluzinski, Elizabeth A., "A Meteorological Study of Mercury Transport and Wet Deposition to Wisconsin," 2008. (Hitchman)
Zachar, Nicholas A., "Ozone Transport Pathways in the Southern Hemisphere during the Winter-Spring Transition," 2008. (Hitchman)

Ph.D. Theses

Bi, Li, "A Two-Season Impact Study of ASCAT and Windsat Surface Wind Retrievals in the NCEP Global Data Assimilation System" [7.6 Mb], 2008. (Morgan)