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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 5 - Fall, 2007

Masters Theses

Fontaine, Abigail B., "Investigation of mid-latitude excitation of tropical variability in the Pacific," 2007. (Vimont)
Hassenzahl, Holly C. DeRose, "Numerical Investigations of a Tornado Vortex Using Vorticity Confinement" [5 Mb], 2007. (Tripoli)
Hulme, Andrew L., "Tropical Transition in the Subtropical Atlantic," 2007. (Martin)
Lazear, Ross A., "The Effects of Diabatic Heating on Upper-tropospheric Anticyclogenesis" [12 Mb], 2007. (Morgan)
Maddux, Brent C., "Variability within the global cloud field as seen by MODIS," 2007. (Ackerman)
Parker, Andrew C., "Interannual variability of polar stratospheric clouds over Antarctica," 2007. (Hitchman)

Ph.D. Theses

Johnson, Benjamin, "Multi-frequency passive microwave and dual-frequency radar remote sensing of snowfall" [9.8 Mb], 2007. (Petty)