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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 32 - Spring/Summer 2018

Class Papers

AOS 404 final paper, "Air Quality & Boundary Layer Undergraduate Experiment (AQUABLUE): AOS 404 Measurements Class Project (Spring, 2018)" [2.1 Mb] , 2018. (Josh Bendorf, Jenna Lake, Bryan Rogers, Tobiah Steckel, Zack Taebel, Peidong Wang, Zach Young // Desai)

Masters Theses

Clare, Ryan, "Modelled Response of Extratropical Cyclone Cases in the Great Plains to Projected Late Twenty-First Century Snow Cover Events" [4.2 Mb] , 2018. (Desai)
He, Zhaoxiangrui, "Development and Application of Adjoint Tools for the WRF model: A Case Study of Hurricane Irma (2017)" [20 Mb] , 2018. (Morgan)
Taheri, Jessica, "The Influence of Microphysics Parameterizations on Medium-Range Forecasts of Jet-Level Waviness During the 2016-2017 Cold Season" [5.1 Mb] , 2018. (Martin)
Tuttle, Collin E., "Future Variability in Arctic Sea Ice with an Analysis of a Marine Transportation Index" [9.5 Mb] , 2018. (Vavrus)
White, Charles H., "Refining Long-Term analysis of AVHRR Surface Temperatures for the Laurentian Great Lakes" [5.7 Mb] , 2018. (Ackerman)

Non-thesis Masters Papers

Bah, Kaba, "Generation of GOES-16 True Color Imagery without a Green Band" [6.9 Mb] , 2018. (M.K. Bah, M.M. Gunshor, T.J. Schmidt)

Ph.D. Theses

Breeden, Melissa, "Diagnosing the onset of North Pacific Jet Retractions using Piecewise Tendency Diagnosis and a Linar Inverse Model" [15 Mb], 2018. (Martin)
Goldstein, Alex, "A Methodology for Modulating the Intensification Rates of Forecast Mid-Latitude Cyclones with Implications for Predictability" [34 Mb], 2018. (Morgan)
Gu, Sifan, "Understanding The Last Glacial and Deglacial Ocean Circulation Using an Isotope-Enabled Ocean Model" [27 Mb], 2018. (Liu)