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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 30 - Spring/Summer 2017

Masters Theses

Dacey, Connor, "A Multi-Scale Dynamical Diagnosis of the South-Central U.S. Flood of March, 2016" [5.1 Mb], 2017. (Martin)
Douglas, Alyson, "Understanding Warm Cloud Aerosol-Cloud Interactions" [10 Mb] , 2017. (L'Ecuyer)
Gloege, Lucas, "Global Evaluation of Particulate Organic Carbon Parameterizations and Implications for Atmospheric pCO2" [6.1 Mb], 2017. (McKinley)
Hahn, William, "Exploring Spacebourne Snowfall Retrieval Biases Using a Long Term, Ground Based Profiling Radar in Barrow, AK" [9.8 Mb], 2017. (L'Ecuyer)
Loveless, David, "Composite Analysis of Atmospheric Bores during PECAN Ovserved by Ground-Based Profiling Systems" [7.9 Mb], 2017. (Ackerman)
Nettesheim, Joseph, "A Numerical Study on the Aerodynamics of Freely Falling Planar Ice Crystals" [13 Mb], 2017. (Wang)
Nytes, Lindsey, "An Investigation of Temporal Variability in Jet Available Potential Energy" [5.2 Mb], 2017. (Tripoli)
Raju, Simran, "Extreme, long duration, lower tropospheric wintertime temperature anomalies over eastern China and their relationship to the large-scale circulation" [4.4 Mb], 2017. (Tripoli)
Ridge, Sean, "Arctic Freshwater Export Drives Reduction of the Subpolar North Atlantic Carbon Sink (1990-2100)" [5.8 Mb], 2017. (McKinley)
Shiben, Elliot, "Modeling Stratosphere-Troposhere Exchange Using the UWNMS and START-08 Data" [5.6 Mb], 2017. (Hitchman)
Schultz, Rebecca, "Advancing Hyperspectral Sounder Applications in Analysis of Pyrocumulonimbus Events" [17 Mb], 2017. (Morgan)
Simkins, James, "Improving Carbon Cycle Uncertainty Through Ensemble Based Temporal Downsizing" [2.7 Mb], 2017. (Desai)
Williams, Skylar, "Validation of Water Vapor Measurements from Commercial Aircraft Across the CONUS Using Radiosondes" [12 Mb], 2017. (Ackerman)

Ph.D. Theses

Dixon, Ross, "On the Saharan Heat Low Bias in CMIP5 Models and Its Relationship with Tropical Preciptation and Global Energy Transport Biases", 2017. (Vimont)
Lu, Feiyu, "Assessing Extratropical Influence on Tropical Climatology and Variability with Regional Coupled Data Assimilation" [11 Mb], 2017. (Liu)
Matus, Alexander, "Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects and Heating in the New Era of Active Satellite Observations" [69 Mb], 2017. (L'Ecuyer)
Yu, Yan, "Vegetation-Climate Feedbacks in the Sahel: A Combined Statistical and Dynamical Assessment" [28 Mb], 2017. (Liu)
Zhu, Jiang, "Investigate Paleoclimate Questions using iCESM - the ENSO Response to Global Cooling/Warming and the Ice-core Thermometer", 2017. (Liu)