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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 18 - Spring, 2012

Masters Theses

Hiley, Michael, "Triple Frequency Radar Reflectivity Signatures of Snow: Observations and Comparisons to Theoretical Ice Particle Scattering Models", [3.9 Mb], 2012. (Bennartz)
Miller, Nathaniel, "Microwave Radiometer Observations of Surface Based Inversions Above the Greenland Ice Sheet", 2012. (Turner)
Roberts, Jesse, "The Impact on Modeled CFL Uptake in the North Atlantic Due to a Submesoscale Eddy Parameterized", 2012. (McKinley)
Roubert, Lisha, "Assimilation of GOES Infrared Brightness Temperatures with an Ensemble Kolman Filter: Track and Intensity Impacts for Hurricane Rita" [12 Mb], 2012. (Tripoli)
Rydzik, Matthew, "Relationship Between Snow Extent and Mid-Latitude Cyclone Centers From NARR Objectively Derived Storm Position and Snow Cover", 2012. (Desai)
Watkins, Kelsey, "Modeling the Impact of African Dust on the Tropical Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature" [3.9 Mb], 2012. (Vimont)

Ph.D. Theses

Jaffe, Sharon, "Diagnosing Inter-modal variability of Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream Portrayal in 17 CMIP3 Global Climate Models" [3 Mb], 2012. (Vimont/Martin)
Sitkowski, Matthew, "Investigation and prediction of hurricane eyewall replacement cycles" [4.0 Mb], 2012. (Ackerman)
Sulman, Benjamin, "Peatland carbon cycle responses to hydrological change at time scales from years to centuries : impacts on model simulations and regional carbon budgets" [2.4 Mb], 2011. (Desai)