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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Journal of the UW-AOS (J. UWAOS)*

Volume 14 - Fall, 2010

Masters Theses

Fay, Amanda R., "Estimated Global Ocean Carbon Trends Using In-Situ pCO2 Observations" [7.8 Mb], 2010. (McKinley)
Henz, Daniel R., "A Modeling Study of the Tropical Tropopause" [3.1 Mb], 2010. (Tripoli)
Moberg, Claus C., "The Impact of Model Resolution on Simulations of Extreme Ozone Air Pollution Events Over the Western United States," 2010. (Holloway)
Mozer, Kathryn W., "Interannual and Seasonal Variations in Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Fraction and Lower Tropospheric Static Stability Using Satellite Observations and Global Climate Model Output" [1 Mb], 2010. (Ackerman)

Ph.D. Theses

Bennington, Valerie S., "Carbon Cycle Variability of the North Atlantic Ocean and Lake Superior" [9 Mb], 2010. (McKinley)
Hoover, Brett T., "Dynamical Sensitivity Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Steering and Genesis Using an Adjoint Model" [18 Mb], 2010. (Morgan)